Alexander Sekulić: “We know the strengths of UNICS”

After the victory in Perm Loko moved not to Krasnodar, but to Moscow. The head coach explained how the preparation for the semifinals will go on.
– Why did you decide to take the whole preparation cycle in Moscow?
– We want to train more and travel less. So we will go to Kazan right before the first game of the semi-finals. We have an excellent training facility here. Everyone works at his maximum, including Andrei Martyuk, who missed the game in Perm. We are counting on him in the first match of the semi-finals.
– What do you expect of the semifinals?
– We will play against the ruling champion and winner of the regular season. They are a very experienced team, and with the return of Andrei Vorontsevich this experience has become even greater. Dmitry Kulagin is back from the injury, Mikhail Belenitsky is signed. All this makes UNICS even stronger, but we know what to expect from them and are ready for it. During the regular season, we have defeated each other two times. So our goal is to finish this series with a score advantage. I am sure that this will be a very exciting semi-finals for both the participants and the fans.
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