Andrei Vedishchev: “We have all the resources to reach the finals”

The president of Lokomotiv Kuban PBC evaluated the results of the first round and shared his expectations on the semifinal series.
Andrei Vedishchev, the president of Lokomotiv Kuban PBC

I'm glad for the guys and the coaching staff. They showed the kind of game that we would like to see all the time. It's not easy to defeat PARMA in such a confident way; we had 2-2 in the regular season. The new players made a good impression, they were able to quickly adapt. This is a great work from Alexander Sekulić and his staff. The team prepared very seriously for the playoffs. So, I am glad that the quarterfinal series did not last long. Now we have enough time to prepare for UNICS. The upcoming semi-final series will be tense and unpredictable, with equal chances of success. We really want to take revenge for last year's final. And the experience that our team gained last season will definitely become an important factor in the game against Kazan. Now Loko has a great mix of experience and youth, we have a good bench and all the resources to reach the finals. Everything is in our hands.

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