Aleksander Sekulić: “Our players are in their best shape”

The head coach of Loko have spoken on how did the team prepare to the semi-finals and on his expectations over the stand with UNICS.
– Is your team ready to play semi-finals?
– I think, the players are now in their best possible shape. So, yes, we are ready. We have been away from home for quite a long time, and we will be facing a very strong opponent. But this is not a problem, but a challenge that needs to be met heads high. This should only strengthen us and add motivation, because in the championship now is where all the fun begins.
– Can UNICS somehow surprise you?
– In this part of the season it is hard to surprise anyone. Both teams want to win, so it will definitely be an exciting fight for the finals.
– What do you expect of the first game of semi-finals?
– The start of a series is always thrilling. Both players and coaches have certain expectations and plans, but only the game will show how realistic they are. And our main goal is to play our basketball, no matter how the opponent tries to interfere us.
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