Aleksander Sekulić: “We must stay calm”

Loko head coach told of his expectations on the second semi-finals game and commented on the rumours started by Kazan media.
– Loko was accused of playing too roughly. Som media even ask "do they want to injure Dimitrijević?” What can you answer to this?
– I don’t know who said this, but I really hope it doesn’t come from the opposing team. This sounds like a subjective opinion of someone who can say stupid things, and won’t get fined for it. In any case, this is nonsense. We came to Kazan to play basketball. Dimitrijević is one of their leaders and, of course, we pay special attention to him. But I would never in my life ask my team to injure an opposing player. If someone thinks of that, that's their problem.
– What are your main instructions to the team before the second match?
– The main thing is to exactly implement all that we say. First of all, in defense, because in the first game there were too many mistakes, the team lacked communication on the court. Secondly, we need to cope with the pressure of UNICS. They play hard, on the verge of a foul, so we need to be ready for this. There was a lot of contact in the game, the players have micro-injuries, but I hope they will be okay for the second game.
– How to deal with provocations?
– We must stay calm. We know how they play, we have learned it in two seasons. Our players had their teeth knocked out in games against this opponent, so we have need to focus on ourselves, to think about how we can play better.
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