Okaro White:”Today we must win”

Loko frward shared his thoughts on the loss to UNICS (75:78) in the first game of semifinals.

– Did Marcos Knight fouled hard on me? – says White. – Maybe, but I don’t think it was excessive. I respect Marcos both as a man and as a player, so I don’t believe he did something over the top. Both teams try to make their best in semifinals. We play hard, but we don;t play dirty.

– Some say that Loko players are hunting UNICS leader Nenad Dimitrijević. Do you?
– That's total nonsense. I believe in God and pray for every player's health before every game. No matter if they play for us or for our opponent – there should be no injuries. But our games will definitely have strong contact, because we fight for the finals.
– Are you ready for the second game?
– We've made a good work analyzing the first game, especially it's start that we played like we shouldn't play. Today we must win.


Второй матч полуфинальной серии УНИКС — «Локомотив-Кубань» (1-0) состоится сегодня 8 мая. Начало в 19:00 мск.

Трансляция на телеканалах Краснодар, МАТЧ ТВ и Старт, а также на и сайте Единой лиги ВТБ.

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