Karvel Anderson: “Cuts and bruises are the inevitable part of the playoffs”

Loko guard told that he wants to get on the court today with the same mindset that was in the first game.
– In the first game you got your brow deeply cut. UNICS' Ismael Bako told media that he suffered plenty of bruises. How can you comment?
– That's play-offs. Everybody wants to get to the finals. Also, basketball is a sport with a lots of physical contact. So, cuts and bruises are an inevitable part of it, especially at that part of the season.
– What are your expectations for the second game? Have you worked on your mistakes?
– Both teams make slight changes after every game. We must improve what we did good, and fix what we did bad. In general, we must do everything to go and show our best in the second game.
– After the bad start in the Game 1, Loko showed character and dragged it into the clutch. Is it important to preserve this mindset?
– Yers! Character is the most important thing in the playoffs. I have enough experience to say that nothing is over, that the world did not collapse after this defeat. There still is a lot of games ahead, so we need take our opportunities step by step. Our team spirit is high, and one-time failures will not change this. We have a good atmosphere in the team and we are looking forward to show our best in the second game.
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