Maurice Ndour: “Team communication is the main thing now”

The Loko forward became the most effective player of the Krasnodar team, scoring 13 points, making 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals.
– The score in the series is even now. What will be the most important thing in the next game?
– For our team, it would be communication. It unite and determines the quality of involvement both in the episodes and in the game as a whole. The better the communication, the more we can do both individually and as a team. So I think the quality of communication will have a key impact on our game.
– What do you expect of two games in Krasnodar?
– The most important thing is that we have a strong team spirit. We believe and trust each other. Every player in the team is important, because the series is long and everything might happen. At any moment you need to be ready to go out and help the team, because every game can be decisive. Therefore, team spirit and unity are now coming to the fore.
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