Vladislav Yemchenko: “We want to finish the season with medals”

The Loko guard shared his expectations on the bronze medal series against Zenit which starts tomorrow.
– This season, Loko played Zenit 5 times, including Supercup. But before the play-offs their lineup changed a bit. What do you expect of tomorrow's game?
– We have a very good scouts and coaching staff. So, we analysed Zenit a lot. We know their strengths and weaknesses, their combinations, each player in detail. So we know them all, including the new guys.
– Have you recovered after the semifinals, both physically and mentally?
– The defeat was bitter and we were very upset. But yesterday on the road to St. Petersburg it already felt easier. Yes, the season has been long and difficult, so one can feel physically and mentally tired – and Zenit too. But we all understand that the work is not done yet. So, we trained hard today. We want to finish the season with medals. Tomorrow we are determined to show high-quality and effective basketball. We will go towards it all together and do everything possible to win.
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