Aleksander Sekulić: “If we follow the game plan, we can beat anyone”

The head coach of Lokomotiv Kuban PBC described his team' preparation for the bronze medal series.
– Did the team recover from there semi-finals, both physically and mentally?
– I always say when you lose, you need to learn from it. I hope that we learned our lesson and tomorrow the team will play the basketball that we know how to play. As for the physical state, we are in a situation where there is no choice. No excuses are accepted. We just have to go and do our job.
– Does the fact that the series starts away make your task harder?
– It can be either good or bad for us. We'll see.
– Zenit's lineup has changed noticeably after the regular season. How much does this affect their game?
– Their leaders are the same. Thomas Heurtel and Trent Frazier are still the main figures in their back line. Kyle Kuric is injured, but Sergei Karasev is having a great season. He's really hard to defend against. Vince Hunter is full of energy. He is their core player in defense, and is extremely dangerous in attack because he moves great without the ball. Juwan Morgan added variety to the offense with his threat to the basket from the perimeter, and we must not forget about the experienced Russian players in the lineup. So, we know Zenit well, they are a good team with an excellent coaching staff.
– What do you expect of the upcoming game?
– If we will play without proper attention and will not be concentrated in every episode, Zenit will punish. This has already happened here when we lost to them more than 30 points. But if we follow the game plan strictly, then we can beat anyone, including Zenit.
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