Andrei Vedishchev: “Our Academy will work systemically”

Lokomotiv-Kuban presidents commented on new personnel appointments at the club Academy, and also spoke about the goals set for the reserve system.
– Milos Pavićević is appointed as the head coach of the SSHOR-Loko that plays in Superliga, the second tier of Russian basketball. What is the reason for choosing specialist?
– The Superliga team is the closest on to our main team. We need an experienced and demanding coach who knows how to achieve results. SSHOR-Loko need to become a more serious team. We plan to invite 4-5 experienced players there. Only the most talented guys from our system will be included in this squad. If we talk about a coach, then Milos fits all the criteria. He is an experienced specialist who has worked in Russia for a long time, and quite successfully led Uralmash in the VTB United League championship this season. We will closely monitor how he will be able to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to him in preparing and bringing young players to a professional level.
– Ilya Kuznetsov, who just brought Loko-2 to bronze medals of the VTB United Youth League, became the Academy’s sports director. What tasks are set to him?
– Ilya, without a doubt, is a good coach. But I see sports manager qualities in him. He accepted this challenge and will now be responsible for all our youth teams, as well as for the training strategy. I have high hopes for Ilya. It's a lot of work, but I'm sure he can handle it. Our views coincide in many respects, and I expect that the Lokomotiv Kuban Academy will reach a new level and a breakthrough talent training system will appear on its basis.
– What can you say about the results of Loko youth teams this season?
– Cups and medals are not the main goal of the Lokomotiv Kuban Academy. We want to bring young players to a professional level, prepare them psychologically and functionally, develop their understanding of the game. Our coaching groups, that are being rearranged now, must keep it in mind.
– What are the main points of growth in the Academy?
– First of all, in improving the qualifications of youth coaches. And in rethinking the coaching process in total. Now we analyze the work of our coaches, and make changes to training plans, individual training methods and competitive processes. We want our Academy to systematically prepare professional players for the club and the national team.
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