Loko takes Game 3!

Game 3 of the bronze medal series is won by Loko – 90:87; the score in the series is 1-2 now.

At the opening minutes, the southerners, supported by their home crowd, looked very convincing: Karvel Anderson scored 2+1, then DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell made an amazing reverse lay-up – 5:0!

But Zenit, mostly thanks to the long-range efforts of Sergei Karasev, started a powerful run – 21:11 in favour of the guests by the end of the opening quarter. Then Karvel burst into play: his accurate 3-pointer set the beautiful milestone – 150 long-range hits during one season, another record!

The 2nd quarter began with a confident 2-pointer after a bold slalom by Kirill Temirov; a little later he also scored a long-range shot. Another Kirill, Yelatontsev, was gnawing on every rebound – in general, the zeal of our players for victory was noticeable to everyone.

However, after several unsuccessful attacks the advantage of the guests became big again (23:34). But each game of this series ended with a difference of one shot, so Zenit couldn’t feel safe. And the southerners began to prove it: Vladislav Yemchenko stormed the opponent’s defense, and later “charged” from afar; Dmitry Uzinsky found Andrey Martyuk under the ring, and the latter scored a poster. Jaylen Barford with his 2-pointer settled the final for the 1st half score – 39:46.

In the 3rd quarter Loko significantly improved their attack, and already 4 minutes after the resumption the score became even – 51:51. Then Uzinsky’s 3-pointer put the hosts ahead; a bit later Dmitry turned Yemchenko’s pass into assist with a spectacular dunk.

Then it was time for Alexander Shcherbenev to make a showtime: the Best Kuban athlete title holder of Kuban scored one shot after another from literally every point on the court, forcing the fans to shout: “Krasava, Sanya!”

Akoon-Purcell also did a bit of beauty: he closed the quarter with a buzzer-beater from around 10 metres to the basket. 69:65 – Loko is ahead, scoring 30 points in 10 minutes!

Zenit’s Thomas Heurtel did not even think of giving up: he scored 3 long shots in a row, thus bringing his team ahead – 74:79. But Loko made a good respond – Uzinsky and Anderson also scored their long-range shot. After the captain upped Loko’ score to 90 points, Zenit still had a chance too equalise, but missed – 90:87, this victory for the Krasnodar team!

Lokofamily, you helped the team a lot! See you again on Game 4 at June 1!

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