Loko finishes the season at 4th place

In a dramatic ending, Lokomotiv Kuban failed to cope with Zenit's pressure – 77:88.

The first summer day gave Krasnodar residents a big heat – and it was not just about the weather. The level of competition in the Basket Hall that nobody would be surprised if its parquet started to melt. It was quite expected, because one of the opponents was one step away from medals, and the other – from equality in the series.

The opening minutes were won by the hosts: DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell, Andrei Martyuk and Karvel Anderson made it 8:5 for Loko. When Sergey Karasev, as if continuing riding the wave of the previous game, scored a 3-pointer, Martyuk immediately responded with a same hit and proved that he is a true all-round player!

Soon, Acoon-Purcell scored his 1000th point in the VTB United League from behind the 3-point line! And, by the way, the forward increased the gap to 8 points (21:13), which the visitors were still able to level by the end of the quarter (21:21).

As soon as the Petersburgers pulled away (32:39), Anton Kvitkovskikh and the unstoppable Martyuk got into business. Then Anderson made his signature encore throw, after which Vladislav Yemchenko picked up the baton of three-pointers bringing Lokomotiv ahead again – 43:42!

Zenit committed an offensive foul, and Kirill Yelatontsev strengthened the hosts’ lead by the big break – 45:42.

The third quarter was just as intense and fruitful for some cool episodes. Another three-pointer by Martyuk, super-fast runs by Alexander Shcherbenev – and assists like the one Sasha gave to Yelatontsev, who soared above the parquet. As a result, by the final ten minutes the Krasnodar team still held the lead – 62:60.

But then Zenit, as if saving up for the final spurt, uncovered its long-range artillery and quickly turned the score in their favour – 69:74. Thanks to the efforts of Martyuk, one minute before the siren it still was a one possession game (76:78). Alas, this possession (as well as several following ones) was taken by the St. Petersburg team. 77:88 – bronze medals go to Zenit.

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