Anderson signs new contract with Loko

Lokomotiv Kuban PBC has extended the deal with Karvel Anderson. The new contract has a 1-year term with a 1-year extension option.

The American guard joined Loko before the last season’s play-offs. Since then he have made 14 appearances for the club, including 9 in the starting line-up. In these games he averaged 10.5 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.3 assists.

Karvel Anderson is also the new record-holder for the most 3-pointers scored during the single season of the VTB United league. His result is 159, which is way more than the previous record (103) set by Alexei Shved in 2016/17.

Karvel Anderson, the guard in Lokomotiv Kuban PBC

Lokomotiv Kuban is a great organization and I am very happy to continue with the club. I am grateful for the new contract which means that I'm considered useful to the team. There is something to work hard on in the summer so that I can return with renewed strength and be ready to contribute everything I can for our main goal.

Viktor Meleshenko, the sports director in Lokomotiv Kuban PBC

Karvel Anderson is a top-notch sniper, which is confirmed by his freshly-set record. But what is much more important, he is a dedicated fighter and a great defensive player, which he showed in the playoffs. Karvel did not need much time to adapt to start performing his best. We expect that next season he will be even more useful, strengthen the connections with his partners and continue to please us with spectacular and effective play.

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