Sychkov goes to Avtodor on loan

Lokomotiv Kuban PBC has decided to let Yegor Sychkov spend the next season in Avtodor on loan.

Yegor Sychkov (22 y.o., 208 cm, 97 kg) became the part of Loko in 2013 – as a member of a youth squad. He made his debut for the main team in the season-2020/21.

In the previous season he made 4 appearances in the VTB United league (1.5 points, 2.0 rebounds on average) and 35 appearances in Superliga (9.0 points, 4.9 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.4 steals).

At the same time, Lokomotiv Kuban prolonged the contract with Sychkov. The agreement will last for the next three years.

Viktor Meleshenko, the sports director of Lokomotiv Kuban PBC

Yegor is a talented and hard-working player. And he is also our graduate. So, we decided to sign a new contract with him. He did not reach his maximum yet, and he needs maximum playing time now. That's why we let him spend the next season in Avtodor where we expect him to progress further.

Yegor Sychkov, goes to Avtodor Saratov on loan

All my previous life in professional basketball happened in Lokomotiv Kuban. So, the move to Saratov is a big challenge for me. I feel excited at the moment. My intention is to become a key player for Avtodor and play as much as possible for them. Can't wait to get acquainted with my new coaches and partners.

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