The next VTB United league championship will have less teams, but more games

The VTB United League Council have announced several changes for the next season.

The Council, which took place in Moscow today, has approved the list of participants and the format of the tournament of the next VTB United league championship.

The number of participants is being reduced from 14 to 12. Runa and MINSK are leaving the championship.

In this regard, a new format has been approved. In the upcoming season, the teams will play 4 rounds in the regular season, 2 games at home and 2 away with each other.

The first 6 teams after the regular season will go straightly to the playoffs. The teams that take places from 7th to 10th go to the play-in and fight for the remaining 2 places in the playoffs.

The quarterfinal series will be held up to 3 wins, the semifinal and final – up to 4 wins, the series for 3rd place – up to 3 wins.

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