Andrei Vedishchev: “As a club executive, I endorse the way the league goes”

The president of Lokomotiv Kuban PBC commented on the freshly approved decisions of the VTB United league council.
– What can you say about the results of the meeting of the bosses of the league and clubs?
– The League Council elected President Sergey Kushchenko and CEO Ilona Korstin for a new term. I am glad that the league has stability in management. Our tournament is becoming more competitive every year, there is a lot of interesting games. So, as a club executive, I endorse the way the league goes, but there is no limit to perfection. We must improve every year.
– What innovations will affect Lokomotiv Kuban the most?
– The most important thing is that the championship format has changed. There will be 12 teams, the regular season will last for four rounds. There will be very few easy games. So, we need to have a deep roster and use it widely. It is good to play a lot of games, but our tough logistics haven't become easier. Therefore I am grateful to the honorary president of the league Sergey Ivanov and the whole tournament management for supporting Lokomotiv Kuban in forming the calendar for the upcoming season, since we have the maximum logistical load among all the participants of the championship.
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