ПБК Локомотив-Кубань
Our hospitality program combines the most vivid and exciting impressions of basketball games with a high level of service. This is an excellent solution for relaxing with friends and relatives or holding negotiations with business partners in a private business atmosphere.


Great view

As it’s always been in basketball, courtside seats allow you to watch the game from a special perspective: 63 comfortable chairs are located on Courtside 1 and 48 seats are right behind the basket. An excellent overview of what is happening gives you the opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of the game as deep as possible without losing a single detail.


Green Lounge privilege is available for season and regular ticket holders: indescribable emotions from the surrounding atmosphere, premium restaurant service combined with a panoramic view of the arena.


– separate VIP parking
– separate VIP entrance to the arena
– buffet service with alcohol
– personal waiter

Courtside seats prices
Category games Courtside I Courtside II
Category Ultra 6 000 rub. 3 000 rub.
Category I 5 000 rub. 2 500 rub.
Category II 3 000 rub. 2 000 rub.
Season ticket price
Name Price
Category I 40 000 rub.
Category II 15 000 rub.


Basketball is comfortable

Skybox will fill your basketball experience with a maximum level of service and comfort. You will feel special watching our games from a cozy private room with a panoramic view on the court that can fit in 3-5 people.


Private VIP entrance, parking, friendly hostesses. Restaurant service with a personal waiter will allow you to have a good time before the match, relax during the break and celebrate the victories of your favourite team in a pleasant atmosphere.


– private lodge with private balcony
– panoramic view of the court
– separate VIP parking
– separate VIP entrance to the arena
– restaurant service with alcohol
– personal waiter

Skybox price per 1 match
Category games three-seat lodge three-seat lodge four-seat lodge four-seat lodge
Category Ultra 18 000 rub. 24 000 rub.
Category I 15 000 rub. 20 000 rub.
Category II 9 000 rub. 12 000 rub.