Loko signed Kevin Hervey

The agreement with american forward sign for one year.

Kevin Hervey (207 cm, 104 kg) was born on July 9, 1996 in Arlington, Texas.

Kevin played for four years in NCAA for the University of Texas, where he became a real legend. He is the best in rebounds in the history of the university, second in points scored and fifth in realized three-point shots. He made 36 double-doubles, which is also the best numbers in the history of the university.

In 2018 he was selected by Oklahoma on draft. He played 9 matches in the main team, including several games this summer. He played more for the second team in the G-League, where he played 27 matches in the 2019/20 season, gaining 12 points + 7.4 rebounds + 2.6 assists per game on average.

Ginas Rutkauskas, vice president of Lokomotiv Kuban

We had to react quickly in a situation where the position of the fourth number in the team became problematic. Due to Johnny's departure, we were forced to activate negotiations with other candidates for this position. We have been closely following Hervey for several years. He is constantly evolving as a player. He has the G-League behind him, and this season he finished in the NBA, having played several matches for Oklahoma in the "bubble". Kevin is an athletic, versatile basketball player with all the skills to play as a heavy forward. This is a ready-made player for the starting five, capable of making a tangible contribution to the team's result. I am sure that he did not play in Europe will not be a problem. We have experience working with talented players - everyone remembers well the examples of Derrick Brown and Anthony Randolph.

Kevin Hervey,  forward of Lokomotiv Kuban

I look forward to coming to the team to join the guys and start the season. For me this will definitely be a new experience. It’s very interesting to know how really different basketball overseas is, from what I’m used to in the United States. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to my teammates and coach yet, but I know that there are many talented players in the squad, including several americans. I am sure they will help me adapt as quickly as possible. As for expectations, I will not make loud statements. I just work hard every day to get better!

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