The season of the One Team project has reached the finish line

The One Team season is coming to an end and today we will note the great importance of classes in the socialization of special children. In this article you will read a couple of comments from the fans, because the kids attend Loko matches and support the team together with everyone in the stands!

One Team is a global project, in the context of which each club participating in the Euroleague and EuroCup organizes its own training program for special children. The program is aimed at the socialization of boys and girls through basketball.

Loko has been actively involved in One Team since the 2014/15 season. This year Loko’s partners in the project are Charity Foundation Anastasia and the clinic of modern surgery Zdrava.

The project’s ambassador for the 2020/21 season is the forward of the main team Andrei Martiuk.

In addition to Andrey, the players of the youth team and guard of Loko Vladislav Emchenko took part in the classes.

This year there is only one lesson left for One Team and its guest should be Alan Williams, whom the children love very much and even recorded a video for him, in which they congratulated the center of Loko with his birthday!

In the 2020/21 season, Loko conducts classes for children with hearing impairments from Charity Foundation Anastasia.

The main goal of the project is the socialization of children. They become close-knit, friendly and engage in basketball with great enthusiasm. Parents of children are happy with their success and note that One Team brings bright colors to the development of children!


A special joy is associated with the fact that the children are present at the matches of their favorite team and cheer for Loko together with the fans. The fans are happy about this socialization of boys and girls. Their comments are a clear confirmation of this fact!

Some people are born special, but they should receive the kindness, understanding, and love of others, just like everyone else! We must understand that each person is interesting in his own way, and you can be friends with everyone, accept the simple fact that any of us can and should find our place in the world. Communication with special children develops charity and tolerance in the child, teaches to take care of others and help, without expecting anything in return. Everyone has the right to be friends with their peers, to study, to work and to do anything. It is important to help children with disabilities integrate into the social system, which is what the One Team project does.

Together with my nine-year-old son Andrey, we are long-standing and active fans of the team. Feeling what joy and boundlessly cool emotions our presence at Loko matches and playing basketball brings us, we are very happy that special children from the One Team can be with us. I am sure that training with the best players of Loko and being present at the games will make their eyes even brighter, and life more interesting and diverse. Such special children should be among us, it is a joy for them, an understanding of life for us and our children. Share the good and everything will be fine with us!


In every person’s life, there should be a place for a small miracle. The One Team project gives special children the opportunity to feel important and adapt to life in society.

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban is very happy that together with the Charitable Foundation Anastasia and the clinic of modern surgery Zdrava this season of One Team became really bright and brought to all participants a lot of unforgettable emotions!

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