Lokomotiv Kuban players had their first all team training session after medical tests

Lokomotiv Kuban players have started preparation for 2022/23 season.

Prior the session GM of the club Ivan Novcic wished the best to the team in the upcomming season. Right after special tradion was held the way it was always done before – all of those who had birthdays in the mid season got their birthday cakes.

The training by itself was run by three assistants (the head coach will join the team later on) – Jurica Zuza, Roman Semerninov and Stanislav Zbarskkiy were on duty this day. By the way Dmitry Uzinkiy, Ivan Paunic and Jaylen Barford will arrive on 10th of august.

Ivan Novcic, GM Lokomotiv Kuban

This is my first year in Lokomotiv Kuban and for me it is an honour to be a part of this club. We all are full of energy to succeed this season. We will move forward to our goals step by step. All the players passed the medical tests with no problems. All the young players look good and are ready to work hard. The rest of the players will join us soon. We will give our best to please the fans with our basketball this season.

The head of the health department of the club Konstantin Shubin shared his opinion on behalf of the mediacal tests results. 

The tests are finished and we got the information to work with. All the players got their personal assignments. Everything looks good so far and we are ready to work.

The video from the first trainig you can find on our telegram channel – https://t.me/lokobasket

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