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Support Loko in Moscow at the Super Cup matches!

Lokomotiv-Kuban organizes the next departure of fans to support the team.


The VTB United League Super Cup will be held in Moscow from September 22 to 25. 6 teams will compete for the trophy named after the Honored Coach of the USSR A.Ya. Gomelsky this time. Zenit from St. Petersburg, CSKA Moscow, Kazan UNICS, as well as two Serbian clubs from Belgrade: Partizan and Mega will compete with Krasnodar Loko

Taking into account the difficulties with air traffic in the southern cities of the country, PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban decided to help its fans become part of this basketball holiday. Transfer to Moscow and back, as well as tickets for all games of the tournament with the participation of “Loko”, are included in the program of the fan trip.

Carefully read the information below, and if you are satisfied with the conditions, leave a request.

Departure program:

September 21:

14.00 Departure from Krasnodar by bus.

September 22:

12.00 We arrive in Moscow.

18.30 Gathering near the VTB Arena.

20.00 We support Loko in the game with Partizan (Serbia).

September 23:

15.30 Gathering near VTB Arena

17.00 We support Loko in the game with Zenit (Saint Petersburg).

September 24:

Cultural program (determined independently by the participants of the departure).

September 25:

An hour and a half before the start of the game, we meet near the VTB Arena and support Loko in the final match of the tournament. The opponent is one of the teams of the second group: CSKA/ UNICS/ Mega.

After the game we go home.

September 26:

After 17.00 – return to Krasnodar

Important! Issues related to food and accommodation in Moscow from September 22 to 25, everyone decides independently.

If the majority of fans choose one of the hotels located next to VTB Arena (Ibis, Moscow Dynamo or Aeropolis) as their accommodation, the transfer on the days of the games from these hotels to the arena and back will be carried out on our bus.




Форма заявки на выезд в Москву на игры Суперкубка

Нажимая кнопку «Отправить заявку», я подтверждаю, что ознакомлен и согласен с условиями политики обработки персональных данных.

If you are ready to devote a few days to our favorite team, fill out the form below.  In the application, be sure to specify the phone number linked to the WhatsApp or Telegram messengers.

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