Three Loco attacks at once are in the «hot ten»!

Lokomotiv-Kuban received the highest representation in the rating of the most spectacular episodes of the last round this season.

The brilliant victory of Loko over UNICS (103:70) was appreciated by the VTB United League: in the hit parade of the best moments of the tour, three positions out of 10 went to the attacks of Krasnodar!

Vladislav Yemchenko got the ninth place in the list – namely, his solo pass under the ring in the middle of the 3rd quarter, which ended with a powerful poster-dunk through Anthony Brown.

The league placed the alley-oop in sixth place, played by Zakhar Vedishchev and Chris Horton in the 1st quarter. It is noteworthy that after this combination, Loko took the lead in the score and never lost to UNICS again during the match.

Chris Horton is in fifth place again. More precisely, his gorgeous block shot to Andrey Vorontsevich at the very beginning of the 2nd 10-minute.

Bravo, Loco! We are waiting for an equally bright game on Tuesday, when Paris NN, headed by the head coach of the Russian national team Zoran Lukich, will arrive in Krasnodar!

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