Alexander Sekulich: «We showed a very high level of concentration»

The head coach of Loko commented on the away victory over UNICS (103:70).
What do you say about the game?
– First of all, congratulations to the team – we played great. It's always great to win with such a difference against an opponent like UNICS. And I am especially pleased that we have demonstrated the highest level of team interaction. The reward for this was a major victory.
Was it difficult to maintain such a high level of concentration when the gap in the score had already become very large?
– We know the strength of UNICS, we remember how they destroyed us in the previous match in Krasnodar. And today, after a long break, we were ready for Kazan to come out very charged to catch up with us. But we responded to them even more powerfully – I am very pleased with this fact.
Daryl Macon scored 31 points in the last round. Today – only 5. How did you manage to contain it?
– Macon is a very high–level sniper. He proved it not only in the match against Paris NN, when he brought victory to UNICS with the last throw, but also throughout his career. We knew the danger he posed. And the answer to your question is our teamwork, well–coordinated work of all together. It was very difficult, but I think we did a good job with Macon's tutelage as a team.
What did you tell the team before the match?
– That it is very important to maintain the level of concentration that we showed in the game with Zenit in the previous round. Until today, we have won four matches in a row – each time acting better. It is very good that this series lasted in Kazan.
The players of Lokomotiv-Kuban in the second half of the matches seem much fresher than the opponents. Is this a credit to your medical staff and fitness coach Alejandro Garcia?
– We have an excellent medical staff and rehabilitation specialists, we have an excellent physical training coach Alex. They do their job brilliantly, helping us, the coaches, a lot. After all, when you have everything healthy and in order, it gives you much more opportunities.
Loko has two home matches ahead – against Paris NN and CSKA. Will you be able to maintain today's level of charge and team interaction?
– We are definitely not going to be afraid of these rivals, even though we have not won against them so far this season. Today's victory should remind our players not only about how far we have come to achieve such a result. But also that no result in basketball is guaranteed in advance. You should always be as focused as possible on the next game. For us, this is a match with Paris NN. We will make every effort to extend our winning streak on February 7. And I want to invite all Loko fans to the stands of the Basket Hall on this day. Thank you for your wonderful support during the season, we feel it, and it helps us a lot in difficult moments. Come to the match with Pari NN, become our 6th player - and we will do everything to win!
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