Krasnodar TV channel – 25!

The main information partner of the PBK Locomotive-Kuban is celebrating its anniversary today.

PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban, the club’s fans and all basketball fans of the Krasnodar Territory congratulate the staff of the main city TV channel on the holiday!

It should be noted that Loco and the TV channel are connected not only by an information partnership.

Roman Zaporotsky, press attache of the PBC "Locomotive-Kuban"

In 2003, I joined the TV channel as a student to practice, and stayed there for the next five years. The choice of sports journalism as my profession happened at the moment when I was entrusted to lead the author's program – "The World of Sports". Make no mistake – basketball had a special place there. After changing my place of work, I, like all the "graduates" of the TV channel, maintained warm friendly and professional relations with the TV company. And the return to Krasnodar, now really basketball, happened last year. The holders of the rights to broadcast the European Cup could not decide on a broadcasting partner by the beginning of the season and Loko could remain without showing matches. Thanks to the director of the TV channel Maxim Zhmutsky, who quickly reacted to the current situation when the club offered to show the team's games – in one day he shifted the broadcast grid and organized a full-scale promotional campaign. And today, Loko and the TV channel are already inextricably linked.

Thanks to Krasnodar, there is an opportunity to watch live broadcasts of basketball matches of professional and amateur teams on the air and Internet broadcasting of the TV channel, regularly learn about the schedule of Loko home games, be aware of the basketball life of the region from the news, watch special programs about the best ball game.

We sincerely congratulate our information partner on this significant date! We wish you inexhaustible creative energy, success and conquest of new professional heights!

Happy anniversary!

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