Chris Horton: «I have my trump cards against very big centers»

The Loko forward spoke about his impressions of the victory over Zenit and shared his expectations from the match with UNICS.
What, in your opinion, was the key factor in the victory over Zenit?
– We played together as a team. We moved the ball well, everyone tried to find an open partner with a pass. And they gave everything to the maximum.
What do you think is the main strength of UNICS? Who is the most dangerous in their composition?
– They are all dangerous – moreover, both by individual play and by team interactions. You can't just get 21 wins with just one defeat in a season. Even if the players of UNICS start badly, they know how to eventually turn the course of the game in their favor – we saw this at the end of the match against Nizhny Novgorod. I am looking forward to meeting with Kazan residents. It will be interesting to see what we can do against them at this stage of the tournament. Plus, I want to see Vince Hunter – I remember him from the French championship.
In addition to Hunter, there are enough overall basketball players with a lot of playing experience in the UNICS team. And you are more of a powerful forward than a center in your role. What can you oppose to the Kazan "bigmen"?
– Against those who are taller than me, I try to play at the expense of speed. Besides, I have quite long arms. The fact that I know how to act quickly with them gives me certain trumps against the opponent's big centers.
How is your adaptation at Loco going? Do you feel 100% ready, or is there still room to improve your playing conditions?
– According to my feelings, I adapted quite well. I have figured out our combinations, I understand exactly what the coach wants from me in this or that situation, so that I can give my energy to the maximum benefit on the court. But, of course, I still have something to improve. For example, accuracy on free throws. And some protective interactions also need to be tightened.
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