Kirill Yelatontsev: “I will make every effort to gain a foothold in the national team”

The 20-year-old center of "Loko", invited for the first time to the gathering of young players of the main national team, shared his impressions of being in the location of the Russian national team.
Kirill, congratulations on being called up to the national team. What were your emotions when I found out about the invitation?
– I haven't even had time to realize it yet. The news, of course, is pleasant, but all the attention and emotions were with Loko – important matches, responsibility, the need to fulfill the task assigned to the team. On Sunday evening we stopped at the base in Novogorsk, and in the morning we underwent an in-depth medical examination. On Monday, we warmed up a little and ran "shuttles". Head coach Zoran Lukic is coming to the team's location today. I still have a certain excitement…
Which of the national team partners did you manage to talk to?
– Yes, in principle, with everyone. I was placed in the room with my old acquaintance Vitalijus Pranauskis, we played together in the U20 national team. All the guys, like me, are waiting for the first training session under the guidance of the head coach.
What is the schedule of the national team?
– So far I know that two training sessions a day are planned. We are looking forward to the details.
One of the assistant head coaches at this training camp will be the coach of Loko and the U20 youth team Roman Semerninov. Did you get any additional parting words from him?
– Roman Evgenievich has prepared well for the requirements that are put forward to the players – both in the national team and in the club. I understand what needs to be done. I will make every effort to gain a foothold in the first team.
Another Loko coach, Yurica Juzha, was a center himself at one time. Do you receive any personal instructions from him?
– He works with me a lot, prompts me – both in training and in matches. Explains a lot of the software in the game in defense and in attack.
What do you think, due to what game advantages did you come to the attention of the coaching staff of the national team?
– It's not for me to judge. I'm just trying to take the chances that I'm given. I'm trying to work out as much as possible in defense, to fulfill the instructions of the coaches. The main task is to bring energy to the team by coming off the bench and work effectively on rebounds.
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