Zakhar Vedishchev: “We need to play consistently at this level”

The defender of "Loko" shared his impressions about the game with "Astana".
"Lokomotiv-Kuban" could not win in Kazakhstan since 2019. What has changed compared to the two previous matches in Astana? Due to what the advantage of "Loco" turned out to be so significant?
– I have noticed for a long time that Astana always plays well at home. It probably helps them a little that it's not easy to get here and that there's a different time zone here. It's great that we managed to get together and finally win in Kazakhstan. Everything turned out well for us in this match: both in defense and in attack, we acted as a team – if someone conceded in an episode, then they immediately backed him up. I think this is one of our best games of the season. So we must continue.
A difficult second stage is ahead – we will have to play with teams to which Loko has lost 10 times out of 10 so far this season. What, in your opinion, do you need to add to start defeating them?
– During the first stage, we were constantly haunted by instability – we alternated good segments with unsuccessful ones. We have just won the biggest victory of the whole season. I think this is a good start before the second stage of the regular season. It is time to find stability and gain a foothold at this level.
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