Kvitkovskikh, Barford and Shcherbenev are on the shortlist for the All–Star Match!

The first round of determining the squads for the VTB United League All-Star Match has ended. Among the players of Lokomotiv Kuban, Anton Kvitkovskikh, Jaylen Barford and Alexander Shcherbenev became the leaders of the fans' vote.

The results of the fans’ voting for the expanded New School team for the upcoming VTB United League All-Star Match in a month have been summed up today. Recall that this year the league will try out a new format: teams made up of players who are under 30 years old at the time of the match (New School) and those over 30 (Old School) will play among themselves.

On the VTB United League VKontakte page, everyone could vote for their favorite young player in each of the 12 teams of the league for several days. Three of the leaders of this vote in each of the teams will form an expanded New School roster – from this list of 36 people, basketball experts will form the final application of the New School team for the All-Star Match.

Here’s how the voting for the best Loko players under the age of 30 ended:
Anton Kvitkovskikh – 1524 votes
Alexander Shcherbenev – 1477 votes
Jaylen Barford – 1430 votes

Andrey Martyuk, who yesterday received the prize “Athlete of Kuban-2022”, took the fourth place in this vote – 1423 votes.

In the absolute standings of the fans’ voting, only five players scored more votes than Kvitkov’s: Danila Chikarev (Samara, 2735), Evgeny Minchenko (Avtodor, 2315), Nikita Mikhailovsky (Avtodor, 2285), Anton Kardanakhishvili (Samara, 2143) and Daniil Kasatkin (MBA, 1964).

This is how Anton himself explains his leadership in the intra-club voting.

Congratulations to the Loko striker with such an impressive result and recall that Kvitkovskikh regularly gets into the ratings of the most spectacular episodes, and is also the only VTB United League player at the moment who managed to throw the ball from his half of the court this season – this happened in the 1st round, at the end of the third quarter of the match with MBA.

Now it’s up to the sports experts – it’s up to them in the coming days to decide which of the shortlisted Loko players is worthy of a final hit at the All-Star Match.

Experts have already made another important decision – VTB United League has also published its details. We are talking about the expanded composition of the Old School team – for this team, the order of selection for the All-Star Match is reversed: first, experts voted, and now fans have to choose from the resulting list. VTB United League will open this voting on January 17. There is only one player in Lokomotiv Kuban who is over 30 and who has played in more than five matches of the season – Ivan Paunich. But, unfortunately, he did not have enough three expert votes to get into the expanded Old School list.

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