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How to have a great weekend at the Loko – Minsk match

On Sunday, Lokomotiv-Kuban will host the final home match of the first stage of the regular season-2022/23. We will tell you about what will surround this game and thanks to which a visit to the Basket Hall will be a holiday for every spectator from young to old.
Basketball is the perfect way to spend a Sunday

We responsibly declare: among the game sports there is no one that is more eventful than basketball. Something interesting happens on the basketball court literally every second of any match, and the course of the game can turn 180 degrees in a couple of minutes. At the same time, basketball is absolutely clear even to those who see it for the first time – it is a great way to plunge into the world of sports for those who have long thought of going to the stands, but doubted.

Moreover, the games of Lokomotiv-Kuban in the Krasnodar Basket Hall are much more than, in fact, the confrontation of two teams on the court. The Loko team turns the match day into a grandiose show of the European level, full of diverse and exciting events. We start the entertainment program an hour and a half before the kickoff of the ball, and those viewers who come in advance do not regret it for a second. How exactly we entertain guests, we will tell you a little further in this text. And right now is the time to explain…

Why the match against Minsk will be interesting

“So Minsk is in the very last place!”, anyone who looks at the VTB United League standings will say. Indeed, the Belarusian team has won only one match out of 20 so far this season. From this follows the two most likely plots of our Sunday game, each of which will have a worthy intrigue.

If Loko creates a comfortable reserve in the score from the very beginning, then something in the spirit of the All–Star Match will begin on the court – the players will start the so-called “showtime”: non-standard combinations, the most spectacular throws, a demonstration of individual skill. Our newcomer DeVon Akun-Purcell will try to retain the title of the league’s top scorer (at the moment he is averaging 20.0 points per game, however, and has played exactly once so far). Jaylen Barford, who for a long time was the leader of the tournament for the same indicator in the fall, will surely have his own sniper ambitions. Andrey Martyuk and Chris Horton will get a chance to arrange a mini-contest of beautiful throws from above. Alexander Shcherbenev and Joshiah Gray will compete in who will give a more intricate transfer. Our youth – Kirill Yelatontsev, Egor Sychkov – will get more than the usual playing time, and the guys will obviously also want to show themselves in all their glory.

But sport is sport. It is naive to record a victory in advance – Minsk definitely has a chance to give Lokomotiv-Kuban a serious fight. In this case, the match will turn into an exciting thriller, the outcome of which will not be clear until the last seconds. So whatever one may say, a notable spectacle awaits us at any course of the match.

But the Basket Hall is so far away…

It won’t be a problem on Sunday. On weekends, traffic jams in this direction are not expected, which means that it will be possible to get to the arena from any corner of Krasnodar, at most, in an hour. And, say, from the center – for some half an hour!

Recall that the following minibuses go past the “Basket Hall”:
∙ No. 29 – CCR – village Spiky
∙ No. 38 – Jubilee MKR – village . Kalinina
∙ No. 67 – Cooperative market – 9th Tikhaya str.
∙ No. 105 – Progress agricultural complex – Sports Village residential complex
∙ No. 106 – Cooperative market – 2nd branch of SKZNIISiV
∙ No. 182A – CCR – pos . Vodnikov
∙ No. 183A – Elizavetinskaya – Berezovy
∙ No. 201 – Cooperative market – village South

Many people come to us by private transport. We have good news for motorists: there are always enough parking spaces at the Basket Hall for everyone.

By the way, before each match, the club’s press service arranges a live broadcast from the playground – on Sunday it will start at 16:15 and last for half an hour. We will tell you about the preparation of Loko for the match, analyze the opponent’s game and answer the questions of our subscribers. The broadcast will be carried out on the club’s Vkontakte page. Questions can be asked in the same place – or in our telegram channel.

If you come in advance, will there be something to do?

Of course! We strongly recommend that viewers come an hour and a half before the start of the match in order to have time to participate in our many activities. We are waiting for you on Sunday at 15:30 – you will like it!

Firstly, every day of the match we hold several prize draws at once. And we start before the game.

Everyone who makes a purchase of 750 rubles or more in our fan shop receives a coupon for the drawing. 20 minutes before the start of the contest, we determine the three winners. The first one gets the right to move (together with another person of his choice) to the best spectator seats – in the Parquet sector. Two more are awarded with gift certificates from our partners. The main thing is not to forget to go to your section on the stands 20 minutes before the match, so as not to miss the moment when your number is pulled out of the lottery reel.

Although it is better to go up to the stands half an hour before the match, because at this time the “Locobet” draw will begin: everyone will be asked to guess the score of the match. Whoever ends up being the most accurate of all will receive a 90% discount on tickets to the next Loko home game.

At the big break of the match, we determine the lucky ones among those who purchased a program for the match in the fanshop. In addition to a lot of useful and interesting information in each program (on the very last page) there is also a unique number. At the end of the second quarter of the game, a draw takes place – the owners of the dropped numbers win branded thermal mugs.

In general, the big break is expected to be very eventful: game contests with basketballs for the audience, fireworks of gifts (and this is not a metaphor, but an almost accurate description of the procedure for distributing prizes).

As soon as a time-out occurs in the game, we recommend that you pay attention to a large video cube suspended above the platform. First of all, we broadcast from interactive video cameras there. It’s always fun, and secondly. You can be shown there at any moment!

Does Loko have a group of cheerleaders?

We don’t just have cheerleaders. Our Loks Dancers are multiple winners of competitions among sports support groups.

But not only they will be dancing on the court during the match with Minsk! In the big break, we are waiting for an acrobatic rock and roll from the Delight team (coach Vladislav Podlesnykh) – champions of the Krasnodar Territory, silver medalists of the Southern Federal District championship, finalists of the Russian Championship!

And we also have a talisman Toothpick. Once you have talked with our restless and cheerful Zubki, you will never forget him. He has again prepared a mountain of gifts for the audience – and he will actively use them (however, he does not know how to do it any other way) give.

Брать ли с собой детей?

Мы детям рады и умеем их развлекать. Для самых маленьких посетителей «Баскет-Холла» у нас работает несколько площадок:
∙ аквагрим;
∙ детская площадка с аниматорами;
∙ игровая зона с видеоприставками и настольными играми;
∙ весёлые старты и художественные мастер-классы от «Центра роста»;
∙ студия рисования, где можно создать плакат в поддержку команды (очень часто бывает, что на самых красивых плакатах после матча приходят оставить свой автограф игроки).

So your children will not get a single chance to get bored, even if it turns out to be difficult for them to sit in the stands for four game ten minutes!

Persuaded! Where and how to buy tickets?

Lokomotiv-Kuban is keeping pace with modernity. We have made the procedure of buying tickets as easy as possible – now it can be done literally in three clicks on our website. Visit the “Tickets” section of our website – and see for yourself!

What else do you need to keep in mind when going to a match?

For security reasons, we have no right to let you into the “Basket Hall” with large backpacks and bags – bulky luggage can be left in the luggage room (they will show you where it is, it’s in the basement of the “Basket Hall”).

With bottles and thermoses, too, alas, it is impossible – drinks can be bought in the lobby of the sports complex. Alternatively, you can buy a branded thermocup in our fanshop and walk with it.

Another point of our prohibitions is professional equipment for photo and video shooting. If you really want to report from the arena, contact a press service specialist (+7-962-869-44-75) – we will find a solution that will suit everyone.

What should I do if I have difficulties during the match?

If you can’t find the right sector, missed friends, left your things somewhere – feel free to contact our stewards. These are guys in T-shirts with the words “Staff” and “Ready to help”. They know exactly what to do in any situation.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the match with great impatience – and we try to do everything to make you comfortable and interesting in the arena. In return, we need your warm support.

See you on Sunday at the Basket Hall!

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