Two combinations of “Loco” are in the hit parade of the best moments of the tour!

Loko's effective attacks in the match with Zenit took two high places in the ranking of the most spectacular moments of the 20th round of the VTB United League.

VTB United League has published a selection of the most spectacular moments of the 20th round. The “Top 10” includes two spectacular combinations of Lokomotiv-Kuban players in the away match with Zenit (71:73).

On the fourth line, the rating compilers put an episode that happened shortly before the big break: Joshi Gray and Egor Sychkov pressed Andrei Zubkov, who was taking the ball out of his half, after which the American made an interception, ran into a fast break and without looking gave a beautiful pass to Chris Horton, who scored two points with a powerful dunk.

Vladislav Yemchenko’s brilliant solo in the middle of the fourth quarter took the third place in the hit parade. The defender of “Loko” put Richard Solomon on the floor with a feint, and when Thomas Ertel jumped out to meet him, he deceived him too, giving a pass to Horton from behind – he played brightly and reliably, breaking through to the ring and throwing a lay–up.

It should be noted that Horton gets into the “Top 10” spectacular moments for the second round in a row – on January 7, VTB United League noted his dunk in the match against Pari NN.

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