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Vote for the Loko players for the All-Star Match!

VTB United League spoke about the format of the All-Star Match of the 2022/23 season and opened voting for its participants.

On February 19, the VTB United League All-Star Match will take place at the Moscow VTB Arena. Today it became known in what format the game will take place. At the same time, fans started voting for their favorite basketball players.

For the first time in its history, the VTB United League decided to assemble superstar teams based on the age principle: “New School” and “Old School” will meet in the All-Star Match – players no older than 29 years and those who are 30 or older.

«Each quarter will have a unique style <…> with different basketball rules corresponding to specific eras,” the league’s official announcement says.

Now the first stage of team formation is underway. Sports journalists and experts determine the expanded composition of the “Old School” team. And the “New School” team is invited to gather fans. On the VTB United League Vkontakte page, a public vote is open for the best player under the age of 29 in each of the 12 teams of the league.

You can choose your favorite “young” from “Loco” at this link.

Voting will last until 12:00 Moscow time on January 16. According to its results, three players who received the most votes will be selected from each team of the league. The resulting expanded list will be handed over to sports journalists and experts so that they choose from these 36 people the final composition of the “New School” team.

Accordingly, the expanded list of the “Old School” team, compiled by experts, will be put to the vote of fans – such a castling awaits us at the second stage of determining the lineups for the All-Star Match-2022/23.

We also remind you that the sale of tickets for this unique event has already started.

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