Sergei Shchetinin: “We will do everything to win the gold.

Loko-2 forward Sergei Schetinin was one of the best players in the VTB Youth League semifinal game against Khimki-2.
- Sergey, you scored the first points of the semifinal game against Khimki-2. What did it feel like at that moment?
- I was working for the team. I went to the floor fully charged up and did everything to win. I helped on the court and on the bench, trying to give my best to the game.
- Did you prepare in any special way before the game?
- Everyone was tuned for the game differently, but we all knew the price of this victory. The team was motivated to the limit. We were going to the Final Four for a long time, we were preparing thoroughly and the result confirms it. However, the main game lies ahead.
- Loko-2 started the game very convincingly and led by more than 30 points already in the first half. What helped you keep the momentum going from the very first seconds?
- I think it was our motivation. Everyone kept in mind the way we went and all the work we'd done. This win is well-deserved.
- What tasks did you personally face in this match?
- As such, there was no individual task. We had to go out and fight for every ball, fight for each other from the first and until the last minute of the match. Everyone knew that perfectly well.
- The semifinals drew a lot of fans. Did it give you more energy?
- Of course. We play at home and it's very nice when the audience supports us. We feel their support and it makes us feel even better.
- Khimki fans were very active, too...
- Yeah, but our fans outnumbered them. Either way we handled the pressure.
- On the threshold of the finals game against MbA-2. How will you prepare for it?
- First of all, we'll prepare ourselves emotionally. This is the most important match of the season and we'll do everything to win it. We'll come out on the court and fight like we'll do it for the last time.
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