Bogdan Bogdanov is the VTB United Youth League Coach of the Year!

In his debut season as a head coach, Bogdanov was named Coach of the Year.
- Bogdan, what was the reason behind the double-digit lead from the beginning of the final game?
- All the boys tuned themselves up well today. For the second game in a row, they followed all the instructions, and that's very important for us. Against the MBA-2 we were able to play aggressive defense and on offense we kept the ball moving and demonstrated fast basketball, and that's what gave us the result we needed.
- Can you single out anyone in particular?
- I won't single anyone out personally; all the guys played their best. The most important thing is that we were unified.
- Your debut season as a head coach and you immediately got the Coach of the Year award. How does it feel?
- This award is a common achievement of the coaching and medical staff. We worked as a real team. I want to share this achievement with everyone involved in our gold! It was a good day to win.
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