Aleksandar Sekulic: “The series doesn’t end in the first game.

After the game, Loko head coach shared his impressions of the game with reporters.
- What were your impressions after the match?
- We played well. Especially offensively. On the other hand, we made some really bad mistakes in defense at the most inopportune moments. But even despite this, I think the game was good. In any case, as I said earlier today, the series doesn't end on game one. I think we found something that allows us to play against CSKA. We'll try to build on that in the next game.
- What's more of a disappointment from the loss or satisfaction from the game the team played almost the entire game?
- On the one hand, the way we played and the result we got in the end must have been frustrating. But on the other hand, everyone knows how strong a team CSKA is. That's what they showed in the last ten minutes. When the time comes, they make the right decisions and score the right shots. We have to learn the lessons before the next game to put up a good fight again like we did tonight and try to win the game.
- What should we do so the players don't dwell on today's defeat?
- We are not looking back. We've learned a lesson from the defeat, worked on our mistakes and that's it; our thoughts are already on the next game. Then we think about ourselves, about our game, about how to prepare for the next game. Nothing more is required.
- Today was the first game of Alexey Shved after a long break. Are you satisfied with how you handled him?
- For the most part, yes. Don't forget that he's an incredibly talented player. And given his shooting ability, it's not easy for anyone on defense against Alexey. But while Shved caused a lot of problems today, he wasn't our main headache. Kasper Weir had a good game and the final quarter was just unique.
- What, in your opinion, determined the outcome of the game?
- In the last five minutes on offense our team couldn't handle the pressure our opponent put on our ball carrier. And on defense we let them score too many easy points.
- Did it seem at first that the Army team looked a little stiff? Maybe the pressure from the stands was too much?
- Yes, there were a lot of fans today, and before the game started there was a great show for the 100th anniversary of CSKA. Maybe you're right, and the stands did put a little pressure on the Army team - they need to win the game and the series. But that's their problem, and we have our own. Everyone in this series will be thinking only of themselves.
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