Jaylen Barford: «We’ll prepare for the sixth game in a great mood»

Loko guard shared his thoughts about the results of the fifth game of the semifinal series against CSKA (85-68 and 3-2).
What were your first thoughts after the fifth game of the semifinals?
– That everything was going pretty good. We won a very important game, worked well together, found the right answer after the loss in the fourth game. And now we'll prepare for Friday's game in a great mood.
What was the most difficult moment of the game?
– The beginning of the third quarter. After the break CSKA jumped in and started to cut the lead in quick succession. But we – the players, coaches, fans – were able to fight it off and regain the lead back to +19, after which the game was probably a foregone conclusion. So in the fourth quarter I was able to enjoy the game.
So you're having fun in spite of all the heat of the series?
– What else could it be? Of course I understand that this is a critical part of the tournament, that we're fighting for a place in the finals and for historical achievements. But it's not just Loko and CSKA fans who watch our games. And those people also want a good show. And I can only make show if I get a good vibe from the game myself.
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