DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell: “I just enjoy the opportunity”

Trinidadian forward joined Loko exactly half a year ago – at December, 1st. We have talked to DeVaughn between the games of the Friendship Cup – the unofficial tournament between players and fans.
Is this the first time you play with the fans? Usually we see them on the stands.
– Yeah, it is my first time.
Do you enjoy it? It looks like some of them were trying their best against you.
– Yeah, obviously it's fun. They get to see us all season playing, but never know what it's like to be on the court. So being on the court with them is fun and giving them the opportunity to play with us is great.
You arrived to Loko and it seemed that you had been playing with the team for two or three years. It looked as if you know the players, you know the coach. How comfortable was it for you?
– I won't say that I was comfortable. Going to a team is going to always be adjustments. And I just think that I did a pretty good job of adjusting when I got here. Getting to know the guys, getting to know them both on and off the court. And I think that's what helped us get to where we got.
Loko in the regular season and the playoffs are two different teams. How did you do that boost?
– Just sticking together, believing in one another. Obviously we didn't finish the greatest in the regular season. But we all bought in when it was playoffs time, which matters most.
It's the first time for you in Russia. Did you meet the expectations about the country?
– Yeah, I guess you could say so. I'm a pretty chill person. I don't get too excited or I'm too down ever, really. I just enjoy the opportunity.
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