Alexander Sekulić: “Kvitkovskikh is ready to play”

Loko head coach told the club’s press office of what’s going on in the team at the moment.
– What are the main points in training now?
– To improve our game, defensively and offensively. We want to be a team that is playing more responsibly on defense. And on offense just to play together, to play the correct way, to share the ball and to improve for sure some things we want to improve which I don't want to talk about.
– How do you think, why did PARMA improve so much comparing to the previous season?
– They keep the coach and the core of the Russian players, they made some changes with the foreign players, and the team clicked together. They play very good as a team and this is their main strength for sure.
– PARMA will face CSKA tomorrow. In your opinion, is it better to have a pause like Loko has or play intensive games like Perm team will do?
– Knowing our schedule from the beginning of the season where we can count days which we had off on two hands only. Because of the long travels we have a big lack in practicing. I think we need this break of games just to prepare correctly, to practice. We have many players that are inexperienced, they need to practice a lot. So, I think this is good for us because when we had this national team window break, we didn't have full roster, we were missing players from the national team. We want to take advantage of this as much as possible and I think it's going to help us a lot. And I think that all the players are locked in, trying to do their best to prepare for upcoming games in the league.
– We see Anton Kvitkovskikh training with others. How does his recovery go?
– He is ready. Now he is ready to play.
– Will you watch the Russian Cup games?
– Sure.
– Do you have some favorite team in it?
– No, I just want to enjoy the game. Everything is open, any team can win. I don't have a favorite; I just want to see the game and have fun.
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