Loko vs Yenisei: to finish the regular season in the good mood

On April 13, Lokomotiv Kuban will host opponents from Krasnoyarsk in the final game of the regular season.

The meetings between these opponents this season are always tense and high-scoring, the teams makes on average more than 178 points each game, and the score of wins is 2:1 in favor of Loko at the moment.


From a tournament point of view, the upcoming game decides nothing. Regardless of the result, Loko and Yenisei will stay 4th and 6th, respectively. But this can makes the game even more interesting: without psychological pressure, teams can act freely. And there is no doubt that the opposing coaching staffs will view the final game of the regular season as an official rehearsal for the playoffs. This means they will demand maximum concentration and dedication from the players.

Their leaders

Krasnoyarsk guards Xavier Nathan-Mayes and Jeremiah Martin are probably the brightest back-court of the whole league.

Rathan-Maeys with 25.5 points per game is the best sniper of the tournament. Martin is also in the Top-5. This duo scores more than 50% of Yenisei points and makes 2/3 of team’s assists (9.5).

They also have a very well 3-point shooters. Let’s not forget that Beau Beech III have won the sniper contest of this season’s All-Star Game.

Yenisei also has a great center. Mikel Hopkins takes 7.5 rebounds per game which makes him into Top-5 of the league in this stats.

Where to watch

The game will be broadcasted on “Krasnodar”, “Match! Igra” & “Start Triumph” TV channels and streamed online on and the VTB United league official website.

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