Aleksander Sekulić: ” The season for Ndour is over”

Loko head coach disclosed the results of Maurice Ndour' medical examination, and also shared his thoughts on the upcoming Game 2 of the bronze medal series.
– What is the main thing you focus your team's attention before the second game?
– First of all, making so many mistakes is unacceptable. You need to control every possession and bring it to an opened basket. Also, it is very important to fight for rebounds and not give your opponent the second chance points. The aforementioned things predetermined the outcome of the first game. We had very little time to recover, but I am sure that the players understand the importance of the upcoming match, and will do everything to win.
– What can you say about Okaro White's withdrawal?
– Okaro has a lot of experience and an excellent career, we should respect this. Unfortunately, he lacked self-control in that episode. On the other side, I consider unfair what happened to him, and it is not surprising that when all this accumulated, emotions took over.
– When will Maurice Ndour be ready to play again?
– Unfortunately, the season is over for him. In the rest of the series we will rely on the other players.
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