Andrei Vedischev, “The first thing to do is help Vlada fix our problems”

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban president Andrei Vedischev told about demands from the new head coach and expectations from the next games.
- When should we expect a new head coach announcement?
- We have announced that Vlada Jovanovic will be our acting head coach. It will stay like this up until the International games break. If Jovanovic succeeds we think he will continue working as the head coach of Lokomotiv Kuban.
- But you are keeping your eye on the transfer market, aren't you?
- Of course. But, to be honest, the first thing to do is help Vlada fix our problems.
- If not Jovanovic who would you rather want to see as the head coach? Do you consider Russian or foreign specialists?
- It does not matter. We will look for a good coach who is able to succeed with such an interesting and talented team as we have today. We would want them to give a chance to our Russian players and young prospects. We want them to have some play time this season. Surely, it is not an easy thing to do but it should be done. I would really want Vlada to cope with the task.
- Have you had any talks with the Russia national team head coach, Sergei Bazarevich? The club's and the national team's schedules do not run in so it does not seem impossible to combine the positions. Furthermore, Bazarevich has already worked in Krasnodar and knows the club...
- To be fair, I can't see any national team head coach working in the club at the same time. At a certain time they will need to leave the club, switch onto the national team games — it is very intense psychologically for any coach. So I don't like this idea. I'm not against Bazarevich, but the idea as a whole at a club like ours. Lokomotiv have big goals to achieve, so combining positions is impossible.
- Let's speak about Sasa Obradovic and his sacking. Can two losses in a row be a reason for a dismissal having in mind that the start of the season was not that bad? In addition, with Obradovic in charge Loko reached the EuroCup finals last season.
- If we speak only about the losses, one will think that it is not a solid argument. But there are other factors that lead to this decision. Two defeats from not the strongest teams is a reason to think about it. Definitely, with Sasa Loko have had some really great and memorable games, but the result was not achieved. Anyway, we appreciate what he has done for us. Obradovic did a really great job last year in EuroCup having won 20 games and set a tournament record. Sadly, we didn't win the final while having home ground advantage. The same thing is about play-offs in VTB United league. The series with Khimki went absolutely wrong.
- Can you say that signing a long-term contract with Obradovic was a decision made too soon?
- No, I don't think so. It was a right decision. We signed the contract more than 18 months ago. It was some kind of a guarantee both for the coach and the club in terms of having enough time for a calm and quality cooperation. Unfortunately, not everything went as we planned.
- This week you are having two difficult home games — against Arka Gdynia in EuroCup and CSKA in VTB United league. What are your expectations?
- The very first thing to do now is get out of the crisis we are in now. We need to think not about the schedule but the way out. The EuroCup game will show some things. Regarding the CSKA game, we are not the favourites, I guess, but Loko always play well with them. I believe we have a chance of winning the game. We have a talented and experienced squad. So we are looking into the future with optimism.
- How big is the crisis Lokomotiv Kuban in right now?
I think that two losses in a row from Alba and Kalev is a crisis. Oddly enough, we were losing the games right from the start. We didn't have any downhills or slackness in those matches. Considering the level of the club and our roster we must win and will prepare for important, more status games. Including the CSKA game.
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