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Join the Loko fan community!

We invite you to become a part of one of the most cohesive and vibrant fan communities in Russian basketball!

The second stage of the VTB United League regular season starts on Sunday. Lokomotiv-Kuban will have to play 10 matches with teams, each of which is still higher in the standings. Therefore, the players will now especially need the support of the stands. We invite you to become a part of the hottest sector of the Krasnodar “Basket Hall”!

Anyone who has ever been to the Lokomotiv-Kuban matches will surely remember the collective of raging red-green people in the sector behind one of the rings. Participation in bright performances, an excellent overview of what is happening on the site, a friendly family atmosphere are not all the advantages of the 4th “fan” sector.

Boris Miroshnichenko, Head of the Loko fan sector:

Regular members of the fan sector have a priority right to participate in events organized by the club: trips to games, the "Friendship Cup" with the participation of players, closed meetings with the team - our applications are considered first. In addition, there is a special ticket price for us — only 100 rubles. You can't just buy these tickets, they are distributed only within the fan community.

How to become a part of the Loko fan community?

It is enough to fill out an application. We have no age restrictions or any other signs. Only one thing matters – your desire to support Lokomotiv-Kuban with all your might throughout the game!

Fill out the application right now!

Заявка на посещение С.А.П. (Сектора Активной Поддержки)

Нажимая кнопку «Отправить заявку», я подтверждаю, что прочитал и согласен со всеми правилами меморандума.

Everyone is important to us! Go ahead, Loco!

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