Andrei Pakhutko: “The Loko-2 players took a big step toward their dream.

Andrey Pakhutko, academy director of Lokomotiv-Kuban, talked about the organization of the Final Four and his impressions after the historical victory.
- Andrey Nikolaevich, could you share your impressions about the tournament organization.
- It was the first official competition that we had at the academy. Everyone was preparing and looking forward to the competitions. It was very interesting to test ourselves by organizing a basketball party for the best teams of the country. I think we did it.
- Many people noted the high level of organization of the Final Four in Krasnodar.
- And we're grateful for the assessment. Especially considering the fact that we haven't had a Final Four in Krasnodar for a very long time. The last time we hosted a final round of the JUBL was in 2019. I'd also like to point out the renewed format of the Youth League finals. It made the playoffs even more interesting! The Loko 2 games were an exception. We jumped out to a big lead in the semifinals and against IBA-2 almost immediately.
- Did the excitement in your home town help you cope with it?
- Sure did! Plus the guys weren't just playing for medals, but for the right to serve as role models for the next generation of our students. And if we play at home, we always play to win.
- Do the VTB Youth League champions have a chance to make the main team next season?
- One player has already played for Loko, Kirill Elatontsev is the Final Four MVP. But I think there are at least 3-4 players who made a big step forward for their dream to play in the VTB United League.
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